• Discover our special Christmas selection
  • Discover our special Christmas selection
Our selection of gifts...
Perfumes, soaps or even home fragrances, Maison Molinard offers you its selection of gift ideas to give or to treat yourself to be instantly transported to Grasse during the holidays.
The Creation of Perfume
Compose your own perfume
Experience the perfumer's gestures.
Accompanied by an expert,discover the architecture of a perfume,
the ingredients that make it up, that match and complement each other.
Discover our workshops in
Grasse, Paris and Nice.
44.00 €
44.00 €
44.00 €
Our Universe
La Bastide

Visite & musée

Bienvenue au coeur d'un patrimoine chargé d'histoire !
Autrefois lieu de distillation, de production et d'assemblage de tous nos parfums, la bastide Molinard est aujourd'hui devenue musée et témoigne de l'héritage industriel et du savoir-faire de la Maison.
La Bastide

Visit & Museum

Welcome to the true history and heritage of perfume!
Once the site of distillation, production and assembly of all our perfumes, the Bastide Molinard has now become a museum and bears witness to the industrial heritage and know-how of the Maison.
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