• Until March 22nd, get a free Orange Blossom roll-on for every 70€ spent!
  • Until March 22nd, get a free Orange Blossom roll-on for every 70€ spent!
We believe in heritage perfumery, a craft that is enriched with time through countless experiences and inspirations, preserving the past to perfect the present.
We believe that producing exquisite fragrances depends first and foremost on savoir-faire, and the finest savoir-faire is in Grasse, France, the city in which we compose and produce our own scents.
We believe that, even before joining the perfumer’s formula, each natural raw material has its own wondrous story to tell – that of the grower who gave it life and the terroir that nourished it.
We believe that we cannot create exquisite fragrances without using exquisite ingredients, be they born of science or nature.
We believe that fragrances breathe beauty into our lives and that it is both our duty and our calling to help each and every person experience them.
We believe in crafting fragrances authentically and instinctively, trusting in the spontaneity of artistic inspiration rather than capitulating to trends and fashions.
We believe that the true luxury of fragrance is the freedom to change scents to suit your whims, appetites, desires, and dreams.
We believe that perfumery is meant to be generous, a delight to be freely shared, exchanged, lent, borrowed, and given.
We believe that a truly successful fragrance is one that pleases the person choosing it before ever being worn to please others.
We believe that fragrance is magical, able to revive our deepest, most personal memories, bringing them to life again and again.
We believe that fragrance is about mood and emotion, inciting wonder and whimsy, daring and delight, and, like a well-cut garment, should ably accentuate the wearer’s personality.
We believe that perfumery today should strike the perfect balance between tradition and avant-garde, innovation and experience, heritage and invention.
We believe that perfumery’s future necessarily embraces its past.
We believe that a great fragrance, no matter its age, never stops saying what it has to say.
Lastly, and above all, we believe that fragrance is about emotion, and that our own explanations and exhortations are ultimately meaningless. All that matters is the relationship each person has with the fragrance they have chosen – and that has chosen them. 
La Bastide

Visite & musée

Bienvenue au coeur d'un patrimoine chargé d'histoire !
Autrefois lieu de distillation, de production et d'assemblage de tous nos parfums, la bastide Molinard est aujourd'hui devenue musée et témoigne de l'héritage industriel et du savoir-faire de la Maison.