• Discover our comfort selection
  • Discover our comfort selection
Made in Grasse
Grasse, cradle and world capital of perfumery...
It is in the heart of this exceptional heritage that the Maison Molinard was born, and for more than 170 years it has continued to cultivate its love of beautiful materials. 
A family-owned and independent company for five generations, Molinard sublimates the emblematic and precious materials of perfumery into fragrances.
Each creation draws its inspiration from materials from here and elsewhere, where the essences, like a precious alchemy, respond and complement each other.
For Célia Lerouge-Bénard, 5th generation and 1st woman director of the Maison Molinard, perfume is much more than a simple product, it is a poem in itself that provokes an emotion in everyone.
From formulation to bottling, each step is carried out in our production site in Grasse, thus guaranteeing high quality perfumes and perfume derivatives by monitoring and controlling our entire production chain. 
Between tradition and avant-garde, heritage and ambition, Molinard defies time by always honoring the same values of requirement and quality.
A rare and ancestral know-how, recognized by the state label "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" (Living Heritage Company) saluting its excellent craftsmanship.
Perpetuating the authentic heritage of the Maison Molinard by sublimating the most beautiful materials of our lands while continuously reinventing itself, this is also the French olfactory exception. 
Handmade soaps
Immerse yourself in the sensory world of Molinard Handmade Soaps! 
In the heart of tradition, discover all the authenticity of the House and the art of living according to Molinard. 
Made in a traditional way, nearly 100 Molinard soaps are produced every day at the Bastide, under the eyes of many visitors. 
On the occasion of its 170th anniversary, Molinard invites itself
in your interiors. Candles that warm up your living spaces, creating unique and intimate atmospheres.
La Bastide

Visite & musée

Bienvenue au coeur d'un patrimoine chargé d'histoire !
Autrefois lieu de distillation, de production et d'assemblage de tous nos parfums, la bastide Molinard est aujourd'hui devenue musée et témoigne de l'héritage industriel et du savoir-faire de la Maison.

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