• Until March 22nd, get a free Orange Blossom roll-on for every 70€ spent!
  • Until March 22nd, get a free Orange Blossom roll-on for every 70€ spent!
Oriental, Ambery.
An unforgettable journey to the Orient.
69.00 €
Bel Air
Floral, Citrus.
A floral flight, a luminous bouquet, with the thousand and one scents of the country of Grasse.
69.00 €
Chypre Charnel
Chypre, Floral, Sensual.
Find the elegance of a floral bouquet, jasmine, Iris, delicate and musky.
88.00 €
Citrus, Gourmand, Woody.
The delights of fleshy, sun-drenched fruit.
69.00 €
Citrus, Spicy.
Ginger provokes a desire to travel, a bewitching and invigorating richness used with passion.
69.00 €
Eau de parfum
99.00 €
Habanita Perfumed Body Oil
Floriental, Woody, Powdery.
A scented oil distilling all the sensuality and sweetness of Habanita notes.
39.00 €
Habanita Scented Hair Mist
Floriental, Woody, Powdery.
An enveloping scented mist with protective and nourishing properties.
49.00 €
Homme III
Rosemary, Navy, Vetiver.
A revitalizing freshness for adventurers in search of escape.
52.00 €
Aromatic, Floral, Woody.
All of Provence with sunny, singing notes.
69.00 €
Musky, Oriental, Woody
A warm and bewitching woody, amber and musky scent.
69.00 €
Floral, Fruity.
A fragrance of character and great sensuality.
69.00 €
Oud Magnétique
Woody, Leathery, Spicy.
Infinitely addictive, its woody and leathery trail reveals a chic opulence.
119.00 €
Oriental, Woody, Leathery.
In the heart of the leaf, dried by the sun.
69.00 €
Patchouli Intense
Oriental, Woody, Gourmand.
A warm and woody patchouli accord on a gourmand praline.
88.00 €
Rose Turkia
Floral, Woody.
Delicate and voluptuous, the Rose has inspired since the dawn of time!
199.00 €
Santal Insolent
Woody, Oriental.
A creation tinged with mystery and insolence with oriental and woody harmonies.
119.00 €
Thé Basilic
Citrus, Aromatic.
Thé Basilic is the perfect alchemy between freshness and serenity.
69.00 €
Tubéreuse Vertigineuse
Floral, Ambery, Solar.
When Tuberose, the emblematic flower of Grasse, takes on amber hues.
88.00 €
Un Air
Floral, Musky
A warm breath of femininity, a harmony of flowers.
31.00 €
(-30.00%) 21.70 €
Oriental, Gourmand.
A voluptuous exotic invitation.
69.00 €
Vanille Patchouli
Oriental, Gourmand.
The irresistible and daring marriage of two elements.
69.00 €
Floral, Gourmand, Woody.
Simple and refined, floral and woody, irresistibly sweet.
69.00 €