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  • Discover our comfort selection

Collection Matières

La Collection Matières
At the origin of the Molinard Matières Collection,
the first Eaux de Fleurs by Hyacinthe Molinard in 1849.
In 2021, La Maison Molinard signs a new collection, redesigned around 3 interpretations of the Matière, La Fraîcheur, Les Éléments and Les Prestiges, in an identity bottle with a cameo of purples, sealed with a copper cap.
La Fraîcheur
Inspired by travels, memories and emotions, La Fraîcheur captures materials from here and elsewhere in light and luminous Eaux de parfum.
With these 4 creations, Molinard brings out all the freshness of citrus, aquatic, aromatic and spicy notes, in the heart of a profusion of noble and contemporary materials.
Les Éléments
Driven by the quest for the most emblematic raw materials of perfumery that the Earth can offer, the Les Eléments range will propose over the years a unique olfactory journey around exceptional creations, built in the greatest tradition of Grasse.

Rose, Orange Blossom, Violet, Patchouli, discover the other fragrances of the range.
Les Prestiges
Les Prestiges range pays tribute to and magnifies the most noble and sophisticated raw materials of the perfume industry.

Each perfume is conceived as a territory of expression, an invitation to escape, an immersion in the very heart of the most beautiful materials.

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