• Mother's Day offer: the roll-on is offered with the purchase of a 75ml! 
  • Mother's Day offer: the roll-on is offered with the purchase of a 75ml! 

Féminins & Masculins

Since 1849, memories have marked the life of an exceptional perfume house. 

From generation to generation, Molinard has preserved its identity and its history. Perfume is its olfactory messenger. It echoes a moment, traces a link, reveals a memory. 
Timeless and refined, the House's inimitable fragrances are the signature of the perfumer's accomplished writing.
Each fragrance reveals its power and depth, combining luxury and authenticity, tradition and heritage.
The Féminins & Masculins collection draws on nearly two centuries of creation. Designed as memory boxes, the range is an invitation to explore the history of the house and those who created it. 
Woody, Gourmand
A bit of a rebel, Campus is enigmatic.
Its fruity start is asserted on a melting lavender, before freeing itself on woody notes, infinitely sensual.
61.00 €
Aromatic, Woody, Gourmet
Its warm and enveloping trail captivates. Its poetic writing with subtle notes of incense is a true bewitchment of the senses.
61.00 €
Aromatic, Woody, Amber
MM is bold and elegant! Its refined, spicy and amber trail perfectly combines chic and modernity.
61.00 €
Homme III
Rosemary, Navy, Vetiver.
A revitalizing freshness for adventurers in search of escape.
52.00 €
Un Air
Floral, Musky
A warm breath of femininity, a harmony of flowers.
63.00 €
Vents & Marées
Floral, Gourmet
Vents et Marées delicately combines sea spray with the elegance of white flowers. A veil of freshness, light and airy like sea foam, sunny and gourmand like Vanilla.
31.00 €