Collection Habanita

In the heart of the Roaring Twenties,
the birth of a mythical perfume...

1921, a year marked by a veritable olfactory feat that became an icon of French Haute Parfumerie.
A scandalous and revolutionary fragrance, Habanita marked the beginning of women's emancipation.
Its hint of vetiver, previously reserved for men, seduced women in search of freedom. Initially presented in the form of small sachets designed to be slipped into women's cigarette packs to cover the smell of tobacco, Habanita became the first feminine oriental in history and paved the way for a new olfactory family: orientals. 
Described at the time as the world's most enduring perfume, Habanita is now a century old and seems to have traveled through time without a single wrinkle. It remains the witness of 100 years of history and transmission, from mother to daughter.
The Habanita woman is bold, full of character and a bit of a rebel. 
Originally a formulation error, a singular raw material - of which only Molinard has the secret - added to the composition of 680 essences that will give way to a true olfactory masterpiece.
Eau de parfum
94.00 €
Habanita L'Esprit
Oriental, Floral, Musky.
Habanita's signature skin scent for new generations, tenderly moved by the mythical fragrance.
94.00 €
Habanita La Cologne
Oriental, Floral, Woody.
Immediately recognizable, the Cologne embodies Habanita's audacity in a wake of freshness.
Madly racy, it is the fire under the sparkle!
76.00 €
Habanita Perfumed Body Oil
Floriental, Woody, Powdery.
A scented oil distilling all the sensuality and sweetness of Habanita notes.
39.00 €
Habanita Scented Hair Mist
Floriental, Woody, Powdery.
An enveloping scented mist with protective and nourishing properties.
49.00 €
Floriental, Woody, Powdery.
Parfum de transgression, a multi-faceted woody oriental.
14.90 €