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  • Discover our comfort selection

La Fraîcheur

Inspired by travel, memories, emotions, La Fraîcheur encapsulate precious materials from here and elsewhere in light and luminous Eaux de parfum.
With the four new creations, Molinard celebrates the vibrant freshness of citrus, aquatic, aromatic, and spicy notes surrounded by a profusion of exquisite and contemporary fragrance materials.
Each eau fraîche is an ode to nature expressed as an infusion,
with the fragile, living ingredient enclosed in a precious bottle, the better with which te reveal it.
The symbol of the perfect alchemy between the substance and the scent, the scent and the skin.
Imbued with shades of purple and highlighted with a border of color specific to each perfume, the enigmatic design of the box arouses curiosity. Inside, the bottle sealed with a copper cap reveals the outline of the delicately infused material.
Citrus Noir
Citrus, Woody.
Citrus Noir offers a rich and varied olfactory palette, both sparkling and gourmand.
69.00 €
Citrus, Spicy.
Ginger provokes a desire to travel, a bewitching and invigorating richness used with passion.
69.00 €
Floral, Marine.
A stopover in the Mediterranean, a land of sunny scents, a sea in the middle of our lands.
69.00 €
Thé Basilic
Citrus, Aromatic.
Thé Basilic is the perfect alchemy between freshness and serenity.
69.00 €
Kit découverte La Fraîcheur
A new refined gesture, ideal for your touch-ups throughout the day.
42.00 €