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  • Discover our comfort selection

Les Prestiges

Molinard reinvents its art and visits an era full of movement and frenzy. 
The beginning of the 20th century, a time of all possibilities, of all follies, but above all of a distinguished air of living, a bearer of truly precious moments. 
Succumb to the irresistible magic of these fragrances, subtle and complex, extravagant and timeless. 
They are our precious secrets, a few notes that make the richness of our most confidential formulas.
With the Prestiges, Molinard highlights the noblest materials, the essentials of perfumery that have made the history of Molinard and still constitute its signature today. 
Chypre Charnel
Chypre, Floral, Sensual.
Find the elegance of a floral bouquet, jasmine, Iris, delicate and musky.
88.00 €
Oud Magnétique
Woody, Leathery, Spicy.
Infinitely addictive, its woody and leathery trail reveals a chic opulence.
119.00 €
Patchouli Intense
Oriental, Woody, Gourmand.
A warm and woody patchouli accord on a gourmand praline.
88.00 €
Rose Turkia
Floral, Woody.
Delicate and voluptuous, the Rose has inspired since the dawn of time!
199.00 €
Santal Insolent
Woody, Oriental.
A creation tinged with mystery and insolence with oriental and woody harmonies.
119.00 €
Tubéreuse Vertigineuse
Floral, Ambery, Solar.
When Tuberose, the emblematic flower of Grasse, takes on amber hues.
88.00 €
Kit découverte Les Prestiges
A new refined gesture, ideal for your touch-ups throughout the day.
49.00 €