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  • Discover our comfort selection

Mother's Day

To all the mothers in our lives!
Because love goes beyond blood ties, Molinard celebrates all mother figures.
... We give them the attention they deserve!
Perfumes, scented boxes, kits or pouches... 
Citrus, Spicy.
Ginger provokes a desire to travel, a bewitching and invigorating richness used with passion.
69.00 €
Thé Basilic
Citrus, Aromatic.
Thé Basilic is the perfect alchemy between freshness and serenity.
69.00 €
Floral, Fruity.
A fragrance of character and great sensuality.
69.00 €
Floral, Gourmand, Woody.
Simple and refined, floral and woody, irresistibly sweet.
69.00 €
Aromatic, Floral, Woody.
All of Provence with sunny, singing notes.
69.00 €
Citrus, Gourmand, Woody.
The delights of fleshy, sun-drenched fruit.
69.00 €
Oriental, Woody, Leathery.
In the heart of the leaf, dried by the sun.
69.00 €
Oriental, Gourmand.
A voluptuous exotic invitation.
69.00 €
Vanille Patchouli
Oriental, Gourmand.
The irresistible and daring marriage of two elements.
69.00 €
Oriental, Ambery.
An unforgettable journey to the Orient.
69.00 €
Musky, Oriental, Woody
A warm and bewitching woody, amber and musky scent.
69.00 €
Patchouli Intense
Oriental, Woody, Gourmand.
A warm and woody patchouli accord on a gourmand praline.
88.00 €
Rose Turkia
Floral, Woody.
Delicate and voluptuous, the Rose has inspired since the dawn of time!
199.00 €
Santal Insolent
Woody, Oriental.
A creation tinged with mystery and insolence with oriental and woody harmonies.
119.00 €
Oud Magnétique
Woody, Leathery, Spicy.
Infinitely addictive, its woody and leathery trail reveals a chic opulence.
119.00 €
Tubéreuse Vertigineuse
Floral, Ambery, Solar.
When Tuberose, the emblematic flower of Grasse, takes on amber hues.
88.00 €
Chypre Charnel
Chypre, Floral, Sensual.
Find the elegance of a floral bouquet, jasmine, Iris, delicate and musky.
88.00 €
Bel Air
Floral, Citrus.
A floral flight, a luminous bouquet, with the thousand and one scents of the country of Grasse.
69.00 €
Habanita Perfumed Body Oil
Floriental, Woody, Powdery.
A scented oil distilling all the sensuality and sweetness of Habanita notes.
39.00 €
Habanita Scented Hair Mist
Floriental, Woody, Powdery.
An enveloping scented mist with protective and nourishing properties.
49.00 €