• Until March 22nd, get a free Orange Blossom roll-on for every 70€ spent!
  • Until March 22nd, get a free Orange Blossom roll-on for every 70€ spent!

The Creation of Perfume

In 1994, Molinard, a pionneer in spirit,
introduced the first public perfume creation workshops
Introducing people of all ages to the experience of being a perfumer, understanding a fragrance’s architecture, 
taming the essences that compose it: This was what Jean-Pierre Lerouge-Bénard had envisioned when, in 1994, he introduced L’Atelier des Parfums, the Perfume Workshop.
And it is Maison Molinard’s fervent desire to continue this close contact with the public. In offering these workshops, Molinard seeks to demystify the profession, putting greater understanding and enjoyment within everyone’s reach. 
Learning to compose
Painting a portrait of the world of perfume, capturing the professional precision while ensuring the subject remains comprehensible – this is what the Molinard perfume creation workshops are designed to do. 
A few hours immersed in the world of fragrance to explore and awaken unique olfactory emotions.
Molinard acts as an ambassador, sharing its love of exquisite raw materials, guiding you in selecting notes based on their power and tenacity, helping you define your personal olfactory interpretation
The workshop takes an educational approach, dovetailing olfactory exploration of the essences’ various facets with fascinating information on history and culture. 

The perfumer’s organ

Working with a perfume organ the way the musician works with an instrument; the nose composes his or her exquisite creations by harmoniously incorporating
top, heart, and base notes.
Raw materials, synthetic molecules (musk, green tea), bases (scent accords made using several natural and/or synthetic essences) – discover the world of the professional fragrance designer, the créateur parfumeur. 
Using a graduated pipette, you will combine the various essences yourself based on the proportions recommended by the perfumer-advisor for a harmonious, personalized result.
The creative alchemy is generated by combining different notes.
Molinard Perfume Creation Workshops let everyone smell and handle rare and exceptional raw materials, from beginners to experienced enthusiasts.
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Reorder your custom Perfume

Create, wear, reorder!
You have lived the unique experience
of perfume creation in one of our establishments and you wish to prolong this perfumed dream?

Molinard keeps your formula and offers you to recommend your creation in 90ml format on our website..
Make scents
of your events
Molinard accompanies you in your events.
Team-building, incentive, company seminars
or reception, cocktail, wedding...
L'Atelier des Parfums will appeal to your guests.
Our professional and multilingual team 
travels directly on site and everywhere in the world.
Seminars, conferences, receptions, weddings, cocktail parties
or dinners, custom-made is our motto! 
La Bastide

Visite & musée

Bienvenue au coeur d'un patrimoine chargé d'histoire !
Autrefois lieu de distillation, de production et d'assemblage de tous nos parfums, la bastide Molinard est aujourd'hui devenue musée et témoigne de l'héritage industriel et du savoir-faire de la Maison.


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