The True secret of perfumes

Welcome to the true history and heritage of perfume!
Stroll amidst fascinating objects and curios, labels of yesteryear, and, of course, the superb collections
of bottles crafted by the world’s master glassmakers, like René Lalique and Baccarat – award-winning
creations recognized for their excellence and breathtaking creativity

The Mesmering world of raw materials

Maison Molinard prides itself on the raw materials it selects for its fragrance creations, placing special emphasis on rare, noble, and natural ingredients from Grasse and around the world.

The distiller's secrets

You are entering the majestic Molinard distillery, a unique room with a metal structure designed by Gustave Eiffel, renowned for his work on the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty.
Amidst the copper stills, you will learn about the different extraction techniques used on natural materials to collect the precious essences that become part of Molinard’s perfume compositions.

The traditional soap factory

Since the 1920s, Maison Molinard has been making its soaps with pure
vegetable oils in a wide range of fragrances and colors. The “Savonnerie” will surprise and delight you as you watch Molinard soaps being made before your eyes.

The perfumer's laboratory

Here in this hallowed space of savoir-faire and skill, exquisite, top-quality ingredients are crafted into the most beautiful scent creations. In this 1930s laboratory, go behind the scenes in the Perfumer’s secret world, where perfume truly happens – from imagination to composition to creation.

Maceration tanks

Once a perfume’s composition is complete, it is ready to be macerated. The perfume concentrate must remain in special tanks for a certain time period that varies with the fragrance. Once macerated, it can be bottled.

Le Bar des Fragrances

Exclusively at the mansion Molinard, this spectacular installation with over-subtle curves invites you to the Perfume Creation. An entertaining, informative introduction.