• Until March 22nd, get a free Orange Blossom roll-on for every 70€ spent!
  • Until March 22nd, get a free Orange Blossom roll-on for every 70€ spent!

Winter Perfumes Selection

Need a little warmth for the coldest days? Warm up this winter with our selection of comforting fragrances to wear this season.

Wild, unexpected and powerful, discover the most singular fragrances to offer you an olfactory signature with character.
Take advantage of winter to take an olfactory break and opt for warmer notes.
Woody - Gourmand
A bit of a rebel, Campus is enigmatic. Its fruity start is asserted on a melting Lavender, before freeing itself on woody notes, infinitely sensual.
74.00 €
Chypre Charnel
Chypre, Floral, Sensual.
Find the elegance of a floral bouquet, jasmine, Iris, delicate and musky.
88.00 €
Citrus, Gourmand, Woody.
The delights of fleshy, sun-drenched fruit.
69.00 €
Îles d'Or
Fern- Fresh
A sensory escape in Provence, Îles d'Or exalts the scents of the South.
74.00 €
Kit découverte Les Éléments Orientaux
A new refined gesture, ideal for your touch-ups throughout the day.
42.00 €
Oud Magnétique
Woody, Leathery, Spicy.
Infinitely addictive, its woody and leathery trail reveals a chic opulence.
119.00 €
Vanille Fruitée
Oriental, Gourmand, Fruity.
An unexpected, sparkling and gourmand fragrance.

69.00 €
Citrus, Woody
A fragrance with fresh, woody and delicately smoky notes.
69.00 €